Saturday, April 25, 2015

All in a Day

Never a dull moment! After morning karate Grandma and I took the kids to check out two different playgrounds:

We took a detour by Great Harvest in between our park locales:

The boys were very excited about their new weapons (tonfas) that they just got at karate this very morning!  Lots of weapon practice ensued.

Genevieve pulled out her sewing machine.  She humored her little brother and let him observe.

Love her little wall hanging.  She free stitched the cute house in the middle.  Don't you like the quotes she chose?  Home Sweet Home, and Hugs Not Hits (something I say to Evan on a regular basis!)

Bentley plugging away at his 2000+ pages of library books.  I think he's reading four different series right now. Perhaps he got a little over zealous with putting books on hold at the library?  I showed him how to put a book on hold a few months back and he's been having quite a bit of fun with the hold feature ever since!

Jake has been drawing this week.  Love this one he did today:

What else?  Meals, Popular Mechanics for Kids, Lego building, bath time, etc... never ever EVER a dull moment.  :)  We are blessed!

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