Tuesday, April 14, 2015

B's Pogo Stick

Grandma Vicki gave Bentley a pogo stick for his birthday. (I think he asked her for it.) Since his birthday is in January, there was too much snow and ice on the driveway to use it. Bummer! However, by mid-March the driveway was looking good, but...he had a big karate tournament he was training for. You can't injure yourself trying out new sports just before a tournament. It wasn't until after he returned from Las Vegas that pogo stick was used.

Last week, Bentley got his stick out and he quickly mastered it. Friday afternoon he set his first record: 15 jumps. I was texting Grandma Vicki about his progress. He hit 100 jumps next and was at 110 when he quit for the day. Saturday he was back outside working to set new records. His final record was 423 consecutive jumps. He admitted his legs were getting a little tired! Grandma Vicki and I were quite amazed. She pointed out that it must all those karate exercises--it takes strong thighs to hold kata stances. He has shared his pogo stick with his siblings, but they haven't had enough time with it to set their own records.

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