Saturday, April 11, 2015

State Gymnastics Meet

The last meet of the gymnastics season was at the end of March - I'm feeling fairly timely with my post here!  Our season was six meets long, which was (just about) the perfect length.  I remember thinking at the beginning of the season that it was too bad there wasn't more meets - but towards the end of the season six (or even five!!) was sounding about right! :)

Genevieve scored her first 9 at state, which was a big deal for her - she had a personal goal to get above a 9, and at many meets she came close with 8.8s, 8.9s, and 8.95s - but that 9 was elusive!  At state in vault she finally ran like her life depended on it and she caught that 9 she was looking for.  :)  In fact, her great vault earned her a gold for her division and age at state!

As a proud parent I should just leave it at that but for the sake of honesty I feel compelled to say that gymnastics meets utterly confound me with how the divisions and age brackets work.  I sometimes feel they must put names in a hat and pull them out to come up with arbitrary groups of kids to give medals to.  :)  (Grandma Julia: They did do just that at one meet, but this is state and it wasn't quite that random. My research leads me to believe they divided the girls by level and age. If you are out of the normal age range for a level, you stand a much better chance of getting a gold!)

Regardless of that, Viva had some great scores and didn't fall off of anything--always a plus in my mind, the safety conscious gymnastics Mom!  She caught her little bro's cold the day before state and wasn't feeling great, but she still gave it her all.

Great job, Viva!  It has been so fun to see her with an activity that she enjoys so completely. 

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