Saturday, December 19, 2015

Lincoln's Slippers

Two years ago for Christmas I got new slippers. Lincoln appropriated them for his own. They are very, very big on him, but he really likes them. He has slippers of his own that I have given him, but he doesn't like them as much. He's worn my new slippers more than I have. A couple of days ago he came to me and asked if he could have my slippers. I said "Sure, you can have them."

Since our conversation, he's been telling anyone that will listen that the slippers are HIS. His father and siblings argue with him and tell him that they are grandma's slippers. It makes him quite angry and he's complained to me more than once. Even when I insist to Jake and Viva that they are Lincoln's slippers, they don't believe us!

I offered to buy him a pair of slippers like mine, but in his size. I warned him that they would probably be brown or tan colored. He said that was okay because he doesn't like the color of my (now his) slippers.

As you can see from this photo, my slippers are not the only oversized items that he has taken possession of. This was once his dad's t-shirt.

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