Monday, July 06, 2015

Deck Tent Time!

We have the tent set up on the back porch currently - we'll see how many nights  the kids want to sleep in it.  So far neither wind nor rain has deterred the twins!  On night one it was just Jake and Viva - we had some winds that kept gusting through and my Bentley was convinced there was going to be an Oz experience and opted out after reading time.   That same night it started raining towards morning, but luckily our Coleman tent held up to its "weather proof" claim of fame. 

Last night I added some extra cushion (a nice thick memory foam mattress pad) to the bottom of the tent to enhance the wood deck experience and Bentley and Lincoln joined the twins.  Night one was hard core camping with just their blankets and pillows on the hard ground - I was reluctant to invest too much time in the endeavor so to test their resolve I told them they could camp out but I wasn't doing any set up besides snapping up the one minute tent.

Tonight my buddy Lincoln was more than a bit on cranky side from his late night to bed and early morning to rise adventuring so I sent him to bed with Evan in his room.  So Bentley, Jake, and Viva are heading back out!  I'm liking all the extra reading time the kids are engaging in so I think it's a win.  Tomorrow they're off for an overnight with Grandma Vicki, but perhaps they will be back to the tent after?  We shall see!

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Cookies x 3

Apparently we bake many cookies around here.  Looking through the pictures on my phone I have many many cookie shots.  :)

Here are three shots from different times in the last two weeks:

Do you think we have a cookie habit?!  In my defense, the older three are getting better at completing the dough portion of the project all on their own.  They just require a bit of help with the oven still - mostly because I'm the nervous type.  I'm sure Genevieve would tell me she could handle that all on her own too.... !

What we do like?  Chocolate chip is the very favorite, of course.  A classic!  We put oatmeal and cornflakes and coconut in our favorite recipe.  Sometimes we make a chocolate cookie, and once in a while peanut butter.  No bakes with Nutella instead of peanut butter are another big hit.  So many cookies, so little time.  Good thing we have 10 in the house to eat the sweets!

Photo Shoot with the Princess!

We didn't go as crazy as I have in some years (think 5 dresses in one photo shoot... but we did manage two dresses!!!).  Genevieve has a little bit of spunk but she is also very sweet and helpful  I like to think I can see all of those things when I look at these pictures of my newly minted eight year old!  We're so lucky to have her!!

Friday, July 03, 2015

Photo Shoot with Jake the Great at Eight!

My Jake has the best expressions.  When he isn't busy plastering his biggest best fake grin to his face he has a gorgeous grin and I love the way his eyes twinkle.  You can see some real personality in these expressions!

Jake & Viva's Baptism: Part 1

Jake and Viva were baptized this past Sunday.  It was a fun day which has been a long time coming!  Jake told the Bishop, in his baptism interview, that he had been waiting for this moment for more than a year.  He has been very excited about it ever since he attend his older brother's baptism and it has been fun to see that excitement.  Genevieve and he had a countdown going for the last two weeks or so!

The twins turned eight on Friday and had their baptism on Sunday.  It went very well and we had family, friends, and missionaries there to help us celebrate their choice.  More pictures will follow in another post but for now here is one of Bentley manning the reception table:

And last, but not least, a video of their song!  Jake played piano while Viva and Bentley sang and Opa accompanied with ukulele.  :)

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Birthday Madness!

Jake and Viva are EIGHT!  I think that's craziness.

Matt took their birthday day off of work so they had the chance to start the grand event in style - meaning in a tent.  It was a bit of a non traditional camping event due to the burn bans in effect right now due to crazy wildfire season, but they still had a great time.  It was also Evan's first time camping.  The weary campers reported back that he thought the midnight sun was energizing... :)

Bentley opted out of the camping trip due to the lack of camp fires and steak.  Apparently he's a steak weathered friend.  It's all good though - he had a fun adventure of his own that I'm sure will be featured on the blog soon!

On Friday when our adventurers made it back to town we opened a few presents and then headed out to catch a movie together.

After the movie we were waiting for Daddy and Lincoln so we took a few pictures.  Because that's what we do!

Back home it was time for cake and presents!  Grandpa Tim, Grandma Vicki, and Tyler were able to join us.  There was a slight incident when Evan blew out Jake's candles for him... for a moment I feared for Evan's safety.  :)  Luckily we relit them quickly!  

The day ended with Star Wars and a visit from our buddy Marjory.  Jake and Viva requested all 10 flavors of Extra Gum for a present from her and she was able to deliver - they were thrilled.  :)

Happy birthday, twinlets!  We are so very glad you are ours!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Sand Dunes Adventure

Earlier this week we decided to check out the sand dunes at Kincaid.  It's part of my summer plan to be slightly adventurous.  That's not  part of my nature so hopefully the children are appreciating my planned spontaneity... :)  We printed out directions and headed out.   We made a slight detour to the rock store as there was a particular book that Bentley had been pining for.  Then we attempted to follow the "short hike" directions with little success.   Luckily we found some helpful fellow hikers who redirected us, and we eventually achieved our sand dune goal.  Unluckily the wind was going crazy and we took a quick look and then went scurrying back the other direction!   Ah well.  It was a nice nature walk and next time we have a sunny calm day we'll know right where to head!

On the way home we stopped for ice cream - Grandma's idea.  She's the fun one!  I rule the afternoon a success!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Flat Top Run

Matt has been traveling quite a bit this summer, so when he's around he tries to pack lots of good times in.  The other evening he hit the zoo with Lincoln and Evan, then biked with Jake, and did a Flat Top Hike with Bentley.  He has more energy than I do - or he's better at pretending he does?!  When they made it home (Bentley and Matt) it was time for a midnight dinner and a game of Settlers for the boys and Matt.  Good thing we live in the land of the midnight sun.  :)