Thursday, May 28, 2015

Reading Reading Reading

The older children have been doing a lot of reading lately. 

Viva is reading the 37 Trixie Belden books that we own. They were Kara's 20 years ago. (Can it really be that long ago?) 

Bentley was reading the Spirit Animal series and is now waiting for library to get in the newest one. Bentley is reading The Children of the Red King series (main character Charlie Bone.)

Jake is reading the Beast Quest series. There are over 100 in the series, but fortunately the books aren't too long and the library has many of them. (#13 is missing so B quit reading the series at that point!?) Jake was reading the Berenstain Bears Cub Scout books. 

I love summer because we are less structured so the children have even more time to play and read--two fantastic childhood activities.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fieldtrip with Daddy

On Tuesday Matt took an extra day off of work to extend the Memorial Day holiday!  The big kids were already engaged with some plans (belt testing at karate and the start of swim lessons), so Lincoln and Evan scored the field trip of the day!  They headed out to Portage Glacier and threw lots and lots of rocks in the water.  And went on a short little hike.  And stopped for cookies and snacks.

They both reported back (in their brief two and three year old way) that the adventure was a big hit.  :)  Thanks, Daddy!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Baseball for Little Peeps

What big brothers are for.... to teach little brothers new skills! :)  (And, for the record, Matt claims that Evan did manage to hit a few of Lincoln's throws... !)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Armed and.... cute :)

Weapons class at karate is definitely been a highlight of the week for the boys!  This past week they were particularly thrilled because they have now started training with nun chucks!

Their karate gear bags are quite a sight (and a load, for that matter).  Sais, tonfas, and now nun chucks.  Fighting gear in blue.  Fighting gear in red.  Helmets.  Bos.... :)

Out of all the weapons I have been the most apprehensive of the nun chucks - it seems to me you could easily hit yourself in the back of the head or on the front of the face with a fast swinging piece of wood.  Sure enough, we brought home the nun chucks and within one minute Jake had attacked his own head!  I suggested he wear a helmet to practice while getting used to them, but he assured me that was unnecessary.  I hope his brain agrees.

That being said, they are already getting much better with them.  And having a great time learning new skills and defense.  I love it - and so does Lincoln.  He is quite jealous and wonders when he will get his own weapons.  I told him it will be a little while.... !

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Bikers

The big kids went out with Matt for a bike ride this past weekend and logged 10 miles.  They're getting big quickly.  (It helps to have bigger bikes with bigger tires.... !)  Apparently all went well until towards the end when Jake's tire hit something wrong and he went flying.  Oops and ouch.   And there was the matter of the over zealous Camelbak sipping and a lack of bathrooms on the trail.  But I'm sure the thrill of the Camelbaks will wear off and moderation will kick in.  :)

All in all though a good experience, and they're ready for more - I just hope Daddy can continue to keep up with them!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Camp Fire Lunch

A week or so ago Matt took a Thursday off of work and we took all the kids out to a campground about an hour out of town for the afternoon.  Lincoln has been asking for a campfire meal, and the gorgeous weather cooperated!

We met a very well mannered Labrador and the older three all enjoyed playing fetch with him for quite a while.  Apparently he lives across the lake from the campground and often swims across to meet new people.  The kids marveled that he never tired of fetch and kept bringing the stick back... :)

It's looking to be a fun summer!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

When I Grow Up....

Lincoln is quite cute.  One of his favorite topics right now is his vocation of choice when he grows up.  He likes to say:

"Do you know what?"

To which, of course, I say:


"When I grow up I want to be a Daddy!"

Love it.

And, for informational purposes, the current career choices of the older three include...

Bentley - geology
Jake - lego architect (on the top three list of every Lego boy, right?!)
Viva - gymnastics coach