Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Back to Dance!

The fall is in full swing, and Viva's back at dance!  This year we are doing modern, jazz, and ballet.  The classes are spread over four days so it makes the taxi driver Mom schedule *fun*.  :)

Master Block Builder

Lincoln is my current little builder.  He REALLY likes the blocks, and builds some pretty fancy shapes with them!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Idaho Time!

Friday night (late night!) Matt and the little guys headed off for a week with family in Idaho.  The red eye flights were a bit long, but they made it and, after catching up on sleep, all is well!  There will be plenty of outdoor time, parks, food, and family - good times!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Checkers Boy

Lincoln is going through a checkers phase.  His Dad taught him to play and he was hooked!  He plays with Viva, and once in a while he talks Evan into playing.  His desire to play is greater than the desire of his fellow housemates though so I found him resorting to playing both sides of the board on his own.  I introduced him to checkers against the computer (or, rather, the iPad!) and he was enthralled.  Eventually I drag him away from his games, but - it's fun to see him focus so long on something he enjoys!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lincoln: The Monkey

This summer Lincoln mastered the monkey bars. He is very good at them. Sometimes he's too short to access them and then he needs some help getting up.

Evan is too small still to do the monkey bars. They are spaced too far apart to do safely.

It was odd that this summer the children didn't use the swings at the playground very much. Last summer they always spent at least a few minutes swinging.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Everyday Life: More July

L&E playing with the Pez dispenser collection.

Lincoln adding some stickers to Cousin Katie's artwork.

Viva hanging out.

Happy Great-Grandma!

Lincoln checking out a birthday gift. 
Opa helped him put it together.

Bentley frying steak.

Lincoln drawing. Or is it doodling? 
He's been creating in this style for months.

More birthday gifts!

L and J checking out B's Lego robot.

Trains and Balloons and Boys

Lincoln's Lego Creation

I see that Lincoln was definitely the favorite in this set of photos. I'm going to say that's okay because it was his birthday in July!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Everyday Life: July

Kara and I have lost the battle with chaos. We cannot keep all our balls in the air. The past few months the blogging ball is regularly dropped. We are sorry for that, but on the plus side, we are keeping pace (somewhat) with the children!

Here are some activities they did in July:

Evan doing a ball maze. He's pretty good at it!

Summer Time = Playground Time

Checking out the lifeguard chair at Bentley's music camp.

Jake and Viva (never Bentley) visit JoAnn's with me.

Another day, another playground.

Ukulele Time

Trombone Time
(Jake got a plastic trombone for his birthday in June.)

Viva drying mint leaves to make tea.

Strawberry picking at the Bulkow's while they were out of town.

Group Photo at the Bulkow's

One more harp photo--the harp resides in the living room, so it's easy to get harp photos!

Monday, September 12, 2016

An Afternoon in Girdwood

Last weekend the kids took advantage of the nice fall weather and the older ones headed out for some hiking with their Dad.  They logged 7 miles and covered two different trails with some beautiful scenery.  Group activities are always "fun" when one kid wants to keep going (and going and going), one is somewhat indifferent, and one defintely wants to head back.  :)