Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fun in Pairs

Jake and Viva share a can of chicken noodle soup while reading the comics:

Lincoln and Evan work their way through a preschool manual (with my help):

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

More Polished Rocks

We finished processing our third batch of polished rocks last Saturday. Jake had asked to do his rocks next. He had three (yes THREE) that he wanted polished. Viva chose a handful. Bentley pulled out another handful, and I filled the rest of the rubber drum with my rocks. I took photos of the rocks before putting them in and then I had to match up the polished rocks with the before photos. It was a little tricky, but kind of fun like doing a jigsaw puzzle! Here are our results!

 Jake's rocks before (damp)

 Jake's rocks after

Viva's rocks before (damp)

Viva's rocks after

Bentley's rocks before (a little wet)

Bentley's rocks after

Monday, February 08, 2016

Pumpkin Time

We have been trying out a new art program from Memoria Press this spring and I really like it.  This past week we were doing pumpkin paintings to practice shading and value scales.  Jake and Viva really enjoy the painting, Bentley is (somewhat) good natured about it.  I tried to capture the look of joy on his face at completing his painting but I don't think I got it just right.... alas.  His Klingon face evades me again.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Winter Flu

The house has once again been invaded by the winter flu. It is a bronchial flu that leaves the victim with a horrible cough. Oddly enough it skipped over Jake and attacked Bentley! (It's usually the other way around.) Kara made Bentley stay home from karate one evening. He wasn't happy about her decision, but he didn't fight it too strongly either. He got better quickly. Then Evan and Lincoln came down with it. They have had it for most of the past week. They cough. They run fevers. They are lethargic. Kara took them to the doctor's today and was told they are doing a good job fighting it off--no ear infection or bronchitis. (Lincoln, of course, needs a steroid because his cough is croupy.) 

Here Lincoln and Evan are staring glassy-eyed at the TV monitor. 
Jake is taking advantage of the extra screen time that the sick little kids get.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Dojo Life

Another day, another trip to the dojo.  That's our motto around here!

The boys are practicing to head off to the USA Open and Jr International tournaments again at the end of March.  It is a big time commitment but they are excited and wanted to give it another go!  They stay after class most every night for an extra 30-60 minutes to get in practice time, and they have been doing some private lessons.   I'm glad they are so passionate about their activities and enjoy them so much.  :)

Friday, February 05, 2016

Winter at the Zoo

The sun was shining today, so my industrious husband took the little guys off to the zoo. Sounds like something I *might* (key word - might) have done in my younger days. :) Despite the sun it was still an almost not pleasant 30 degrees or so - but they managed to get in some good photos! We're lucky to have a nice walking zoo so close to our home.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Kitchen Helper

This past weekend we had a (belated) rouladen, dumplings, and red cabbage birthday celebration dinner for Opa.  I decided a couple of years ago that the stress of fancy dinners AND cakes AND presents all in one day made birthday days a little crazy.  So policy around here is to have a birthday dinner of choice sometime in the week or so near the birthday, and zero prep pizza (aka Papa Murphy's!) on the birthday day.  Works for me.

Anyway - we had trouble tracking down the dumplings and red cabbage this year locally so I ended up buying it online.  When it showed up we purchased the meat and got busy.  For rouladen you have to tenderize the meat, and Jake was a great helper.  He had a lot of extra aggression to take out on the meat.  I daresay it was probably as tender as it has ever been!  The cutting board?  It looks a bit the worse for wear.  :)