Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Dance Girl! (aka Spring 2016 Recital)

Viva's spring dance recital was a few weeks ago - she took five dance classes this semester, which meant five dances and five costumes!  Score for this Mom of four boys, I got my fill of cute frilly costumes.... :)  Grandma Julia, Grandma Karen, Grandma Vicki, myself and Matt took in the show.  We spared all her brothers.... !

Genevieve took two ballet, two jazz, and a modern dance class this semester.  I am impressed with how well she did learning all the choreography this spring, and I can see real change in how fluidly and gracefully she moves.  It was a fun evening!  Here are a few pictures from our photo shoot.  Because, of course, we had one as soon as we got home... 

Every photo shoot starts with the white balance cards, of course:

Viva's favorite costume:

 I was particularly proud of how I matched the green tissue paper in the flowers to the green hair thing her yellow costume had.  Unintended awesomeness.  :)

My favorite costume, the frilly purple ballet tutu.  Because tutus are awesome and purple is even more awesome.  Oh yeah - and the little girl, she is awesome too!

The modern dance costume:

It was a "cave people" theme - very fun dance, and Viva had her first lift in it with the token boy in their class!  :)

Jazz costume 1:

And jazz costume 2:

Viva tells me this dance (the second jazz one) was her favorite dance.  It was called Monsters and was a mash up of a song from a new Disney movie.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Viva's Landscapes

I have a new set of acrylic paints that Viva has had her eye on, so today I finally got around to setting her up to use them.  I think she did some lovely pictures!

The kids went to Seward this holiday weekend with Matt, Genevieve told her Dad she wants to go back and take a paint set to do some painting by the water.  I like the way she thinks!  :)

Friday, May 27, 2016

Super Fort Builders

Forts, like balls and boxes, never seem to go out of style with kids.  We recently purchased a new bunk bed and it came with some excellent L shaped strips of cardboard that are very sturdy.  I saw them and thought of marble run fun.  The kids saw them and thought fort supports.  Fun times!

Viva's newest fort.  Tee-pee style!

Bentley's newest fort - he used the sticks as horizontal supports to better stabilize the pillows and blankets.  :)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Playground fun with Opa!

The weather continues to be mostly gorgeous, with just a dash of rain here and there.  I'm sure that our Alaskan forests could use a bit more rain, but as for the kids - they are loving all the blue skies and sunshine.  It's definitely not too hard to get them out the door everyday!  Lincoln & Evan took Opa to the playground yesterday and had a great time.  They report they even convinced Opa to go down the slide.... I have no photo proof, alas!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Return of Camping Season!

Matt, Lincoln, and Jake headed out to a church campout in Girdwood this past weekend.  The weather was drizzly and I'll admit I attempted to discourage them, but off they went!  Bentley was in the last few days countdown before black belt testing went so he opted out, and I decided that sending two small fry plus an older child was probably one child too many.... :)

By all reports they had a grand time!  The tent was NOT flooded, hot chocolate and smores were had, a service project was particpated in, and they even managed to get in some biking.  I hope the summer provides the right weather for many more fun camping memories this year!

Monday, May 23, 2016

First Cello Recital!

At the beginning of this month Bentley had his first cello recital.  

He performed with a group of three other students who have been working on some of the same songs.  Bentley's teacher does a combination of Suzuki and traditional teaching methods, but mainly uses the Suzuki books for her lower levels.  Bentley has been working hard to complete book one and is hoping to have it done by the end of the summer.  I'm impressed with his memorization skills and his dedication to daily practice!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Black Belt Testing Phase 1: Completed!

Bentley is testing for his black belt this month.  The black belt test is much more intensive than the lower belts and has both a physical and a written component.  Eight essays (4000+ words later....!) and a selection of written questions that compromise the test.  Bentley has been studying his black belt study book quite exhaustively for the last few weeks, and on Tuesday he went in and took his test.  3 hours later he finished, and thankfully (for me - my nerves can't take it!) he had results the next day.  A 98% - good job, Bentley!

Now on to the next part of the test.... :)