Monday, August 31, 2015

Super Cutie Evan (again)

My Mother informs that Evan is dominating the blog.  She seems to be implying that's not quite right... but it's not his fault he's the youngest/smallest/squishiest and thus the very cutest!  I think there is a universal law that states that the smaller the child the cuter they are.  I don't mean to imply my other children are not adorable (they are!) - but they are not, sadly for them, the youngest.  :)

Picture proof:

Even when lounging on the coach, studiously working on his ABCs and 123s (I hope!) he is too cute!  The fat elbows, the round face, the languid expression... I love it all.  :)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Boys in Motion

The kids have continued to take advantage of the warm weather and clear skies, and have been enjoying regular time outside.  I suppose they're getting old enough that I should be kicking them out there every single day regardless of the weather... (not my strong suite - outdoor time - but I intend to work on it!)

It's nice to see them all playing together, Lincoln and Evan are old enough now to get in on the fun action!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kite Flying!

We had a windy day today, which turned out to be perfect Park Strip kite flying weather for the kids and Grandma Karen.  We've tried flying kites on our driveway before but we never seem to have quite the right weather.  I'm glad they found it today!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Year of the Bike Runs

In looking through my text messaging with my husband I realize that I have dozens of pictures of this, from every week Matt's in town:

Lincoln and Evan have done a great job of exploring the trails near our place with their Dad.  Their bikes are much smaller than his, so Matt normally runs along behind them on the trail.  :)  First thing his little friends say when he gets home is "lets go BIKE!"  He (Matt) is quite taken with their enthusiasm.  I told him he'll remember this as the summer of running along behind the bikes.  There was not as much camping this summer as Daddy wanted, but there were plenty of other awesome memories made nonetheless.  

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Daddy & Mini-Matt

I love this picture.  I think these guys have great matching selfie mug faces.  :)  Matt and I were recently looking at some pictures from summers of past, and I think it reminded him that he used to make better use of the hiking backpacks - so this month Evan has had a few chances to try it out on hikes with Lincoln and Daddy.  It's certainly been a great summer weather wise - I'm glad the kids have gotten in so much time outside enjoying it!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Everyday Life: More June

See how the cat's ears are bent back? Ramses is not a happy cat, but he certainly isn't giving way to a two year old. He should because if he does anything to upset the two year old he gets in big trouble. 

Bentley is our early bird. He gets up early and gets a lot of his schoolwork done before his siblings come downstairs. He likes to be in control of his time. It makes him happy!

Evan is sitting in the ottoman where the train set is stored. Maybe it's easier for him to reach the pieces this way? It seems like more work to me.

Viva made paper towel and duct tape shoes. I'm not sure why. I 'm pretty sure they weren't a success. She only made the one pair.

Do you remember these--Chinese finger traps? Jake got his fingers stuck. 

Lincoln just used them for ornamentation.

Here is our bimonthly proof of life photo. Great-grandma is still doing well!

This is what a photo shoot at our home looks like. Opa takes the photos. Kara or I oversee the shoot. The children usually cooperate, but sometimes they don't.

We bought some apriums at Costco. Viva really like them. She liked their velvety exterior and their juicy interior.

Lincoln told me one day that he had always wanted to ride in the fancy carts, so I obliged. Can you see the pink one on the right edge of the photo? We found that one in the parking lot, but when the boys saw this one, they said they preferred it.

Kara and I took all five children to a Cub Scout carnival. Evan loved the hot dogs. I had to hold on to the bun to keep it from crumbling into pieces because he was holding it so tightly.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Everyday Life: June

Jake hiding outing in the mudroom reading.

Viva sketching trolius blossoms.

Bentley testing out his Lego vehicle.

We made red, orange, and green popsicles. Green was very popular. Red was not! Bentley, of course, would not eat any color.

Evan is almost always sporting an owie and he loves to show them off. 

During the summer the kidlets have to do an hour or so of school every weekday. (Check out the collection of Lego models on the table. Matt has been bringing home new sets for the children when he travels to D.C.)

Viva helping her younger brothers do a Alex craft set.

Lincoln showing off his chicken. (Doesn't he have an interesting camera smile?)

Evan playing with Opa's magnetic polyhedron.

The trio ready for swim lessons. (Yes Viva has make-up on. Kara figured/hoped the pool water would wash it off.)

Viva reading.  (I could not bring myself to delete this photo even though I have too many photos of Viva this month and too many photos of readers.)