Monday, October 20, 2014

Lincoln Trivia

Lincoln is working on potty training!  Exciting times.  I put it off in July because I was busy, and then I figured it was easier to NOT have a new to underwear three year old in tow on a plane so I decided to wait until after his trip to Idaho with Matt.

The disadvantage of waiting this long?  I'm pretty sure I"m a negligent parent.  :)

The advantage?  It's very simple.  One evening I told Lincoln that I was excited he was getting to be such a big boy, and that the next morning he would start wearing underwear and he'd love it.  He told me that he really didn't think he would love it, and I exercised my right to stretch the truth and told him that was too bad, but they don't make diapers for boys as big as he is anymore.  :)

And off we went!  He's done marvelous and thanks to the help of his good friends gummy bears and jelly beans it has been pain free and easy so far.  Next up is nap time and bed time training which I'm guessing will be just as easy!

Lincoln says some pretty funny things.  Last week I wrote down some of his zen wisdom from reading time.  We were reading the "It's Okay" book - a board book featuring all sorts of things that are okay (it's okay to be big, it's okay to be small... you get the idea!).

We got to the page that says "It's okay to be scared."  Lincoln interrupts with "No, it is not!  We should not be scared, we should be happy."   Cute, right?  A few pages later we got to "It's okay to cry."  And again he interrupted, with "No, it's not!  It's hard to cry and be happy at the same time."  :) I like his fixation on happiness.

Lately he is also fixated with being a big boy.   As in... "I'm a big boy so I don't need a nap."  Nice try, kiddo.

Other favorite expressions?  "I don't know what's in that".  Normally said half way through eating his food which he had been enjoying up to that point - chex, turkey sausage, cookies, you name it... he puts it down and when I ask him to finish it he comes back with "But I don't know what's IN it, Mommy... !"

Lincoln is my snuggle bug.  He wakes up in the middle of the night and likes to come snuggle up against my shoulder about half the time.  It's an easy way for us to get some quality time in together so I don't mind!

Lincoln is a crazy ham when it comes to singing and dancing time.  He has some crazy funky dance moves that no one else in the family does, they are original!

And that's it.  All the trivia I have for now!

The Fabulous Birthday Boy!

We managed to sneak in a few shots with Evan yesterday, which is great since he's been busy running straight into walls and cupboards today.  Crazy kid!  A charmer, though. :)  Which is good since he is also a crazy imp.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Jake the Reader

Jake has been reading A LOT lately. He has a book series that he currently loves: The Magic Tree House. He enjoys both the Merlin Missions and the original series. He informed me that does not read the Fact Trackers. (I think he might enjoy them because he likes nonfiction fact books which is what they are.)

We went to the library a couple of weeks ago and he checked out three Magic TreeHouse books. He had them read in two days and we had to go back. He picked up another ten books in the series and his mom has downloaded others from the library on the Kindle. He has been reading, reading, reading--and best of all LOVING IT!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Off to Barrow

Matt had to fly today to Barrow for some weekend work, and he asked Bentley if he wanted to go along.  Bentley jumped on the opportunity to go on a weekend adventure with his Dad, and off they've gone!  I took them to the airport at 5 am this morning:

I hope they have a great time!  It should be unless Daddy tries to force Bentley into trying whale.... I just don't see that going over too well.  :)  I already miss them, and look forward to seeing them home on Tuesday!

Friday, October 17, 2014

New Green Belt!

Jake's *long* awaited moment of triumph arrived last night:

Jake is over the moon excited about this.  His eyes have an extra sparkle and his voice has an extra exclamation in it today.  :)  He tells me that green is a marvelous color on him!

He had a few lessons with the Sensei and has been working to improve his stances and learn to lead classes with authority.   We're excited about the great progress he's making!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

More Birthday Pictures Starring... Evan and more Evan!

A classic cake shot (or 2 or 3), presents, and balloons - captured on something a bit more upscale than the iPhone!


Bentley's Career Aspirations

The past few months my eldest has quite a passion for magic.  He has been telling me that he wants to be a magician when he grows up - although lately he mentions that perhaps he'll be an inventor AND a magician, as he's not sure what type of job market there is for magicians.  He's a practical kid.  :)  

Bentley is always looking for a new audience to check out the magic tricks he practices.  These pictures are from the magic show he put on for Evan's birthday.  I love how you can see his excitement in the pictures - it's great to have something that makes you so happy you glow!

Bentley can be a pretty serious little guy (getting bigger on me...) - so it's fun to see him enjoying his magic routines!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Okay, okay... maybe not a baby.  We are working on not calling our two year old the baby.  But he is OUR baby!

Although Evan does communicate well, he doesn't really speak that many full sentences yet.  So we had to make some choices for him about his birthday celebration.

It wasn't hard to make those choices.  What on earth, we wondered, would Evan want to do most to celebrate his big day?  The answer?  The park, of course.  After some token school work we headed off to the new zip line playground.  We played for quite a while then went to a Carls Jr playland for lunch and more indoor play.  Finally we headed home for nap time.

And in the evening?  Pizza and cake!  Grandma Tim and Grandma Karen are out of town, but we did have Grandma Vicki and our buddy Marjory over for our celebration.

We (I!) decided on chocolate cake.  I tried out a caramel frosting on him a few days before his birthday, but he told me that was a no go.  So it was a chocolate on chocolate cake.  It was a big hit with him - yay!  You never know with small people, but chocolate always seems like a safe bet.

It was hard to convince the birthday boy to open his presents - I don't think he has completely caught the present vision yet.  Alas.  We did our best!  There were lots of presents and lovely cards from each of his siblings.  Bentley put on a magic show for our evening guests too!

As always, a great evening ends with reading time with Daddy:

Was it a success?  There were presents, balloons, cake, good times, family, and friends.  It was a great day!  Happy birthday, two year old!!  We sure do love you, crazy kid!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Trip to So-Cal

In May Jet Blue had some awesome fares to Southern California. This was good news for Bentley, Jake, and Viva because I had been promising them a trip there. Opa was not as excited as they were to go, so when Kara offered to take his place he was happy to pay for the trip and let her have all the fun. We invited our friend Marjory from church who likes the children and loves to travel to come with us. We purchased tickets to So-Cal for the end of September. Kara found us a house to rent with a pool that was only three blocks from North Carlsbad Beach. Score! We chose to stay in Carlsbad because it's home of Legoland and midway between Anaheim (Disneyland) and San Diego (SeaWorld and San Diego Zoo). It's a very nice little town and the beach was awesome.

We arrived on a Tuesday and left the following Tuesday so we had six full days to play in So-Cal. That sounds like a lot of time, but the San Diego area has so many entertainments that we had to cross more things off our list than we left on it. Sad, but true. We only visited Disneyland for one day, so we did not make it to Disney's California Adventure Park. We were unable to visit Universal Studios, Knott's Berry Farm or Belmont Park on the beach. Marjory is a roller coast aficionado so that was sad, but the trio are still a little young (in Viva's case too short!) to enjoy more exciting amusement park rides.

We visited SeaWorld in San Diego--we could have spent a second day there. We chose to visit San Diego Zoo's Safari Park rather than the main zoo. We wanted to do both. We spent two days at the end of our trip at Legoland: one day in the Water Park and one day in the main area. We visited the beach on the day we arrived and again on Sunday. We played in the pool at our rental house. We were busy.

I will post more pictures of our trip over the next week. I have tried interviewing the trio about our trip, but they don't have a lot to say. They live in the moment and that moment is past! I even took notes each night while in So-Cal, but they weren't much more forthcoming. Maybe I need to get Mark to interview them because he wasn't there and they might feel the need to fill in details?