Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Fact File: All About Lincoln

Food wise:

Favorite Dorito flavor: Ranch
Favorite M&M flavor: Plain
Favorite dessert: Muffins
Favorite cookie: Chocolate Chip
Favorite icecream: Oreo (cookies & cream!)
Favorite meal: Hamburgers
Favorite fruit: Apples
Favorite vegetable: Carrots
Favorite candy: Gummy bears
Favorite muffin: Chocolate

(Do I seem a little obsessed with favorite sweets?  Hmmmm..... !)

Other favorites:

Favorite movie: Lego Ninjago
Favorite book: Harry Potter w/Daddy
Favorite church song: Choose the Right
Favorite cello song you can play: Lightly Row
Favorite game: Sequence
Favorite subject: Music
Favorite day of the week: "That's a hard one... !  Wait.  The day we have off!"
Morning bird or night owl? Morning bird
Top 3 fave colors: Green, blue, & purple

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Fact File: All About Jake

I was quizzing my Jake today about some of his favorite things, and here is what I learned!

Food wise:

Favorite Dorito flavor: Nacho
Favorite M&M flavor: Peanut
Favorite dessert: M&M Fudge
Favorite cookie: Gayle's Chocolate Cookies
Favorite icecream: Oreo
Favorite meal: Lasagna or Crispy Southwest Chicken Wraps
Favorite fruit: Apples
Favorite vegetable: Broccoli (only raw, not cooked!)
Favorite soda: Sprite
Favorite drink: Naked Juice
Favorite candy bar: Snickers
Favorite muffin: Poppy seed

(Do I seem a little obsessed with favorite sweets?  Hmmmm..... !)

Other favorites:

Favorite movie: Rogue One
Favorite book: Harry Potter #7
Favorite church song: Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel
Favorite trumpet song you can play: Cygnus
Favorite game: Forbidden Island
Favorite subject: Music & math
Favorite day of the week: Tuesday (jazz band day!)
Favorite karate weapon: the sci(s)
Morning bird or night owl? Night Owl (he claims - but he seems like a morning bird to me!)
Top 3 fave colors: Orange, red, & yellow

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Newest Library Card Holders!

Matt took Lincoln & Evan over to the library this weekend to get their very own library cards.  They are both great little readers now, so it was time!  They were quite excited.  :)

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Choir Group

Genevieve wanted to try out choir this fall!  It took me a little work to find a group that was for the right age and that met at the right time, but we did eventually find the perfect little group!  They just had their fall performance and sounded awesome.  Genevieve tells me she is done with choir for now, but she had fun trying it.  :)  I like that she likes trying new things!

After the performance!  Her brothers all came to see it.  They were (mostly) good sports.  :)

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Halloween 2017!

Another year, another Halloween!  Jake had a band practice (for an awesome performance that went great!) so he wasn't free to join us until 8pm, so we went to our church Trunk or Treat and then picked him up for some later-ish evening house to house time.  It was cold but not TOO cold, and very foggy - very "haunted" looking.  Some snow would have made it perfect, but we can't be TOO picky.

The kids are the perfect age range this year - they are all old enough to keep up/really enjoy the Trick or Treating, and they all had about the same threshold for length of time.  We had fun!

To top off all the Halloween fun the kids had their annual Halloween bash with Grandma Karen too - they always have a great time, it's a bit of an annual tradition now!

Friday, October 20, 2017


Lincoln asked me one day if he could make a pillowcase. Then a week later the Relief Society at church announced they were doing a pillowcase drive. This was great for our family because Bentley needed some service hours for a scout rank and Jake needed service hours for a church thing. It is hard to find service activities for children this age. Most community organizations that need service want kids to be 12 or even 16 years old.

Since Lincoln had asked me, I helped him make one first.

Then Bentley and Jake worked with me for a couple of hours:

Before I finished the project I recruited Viva, too, because she also needed service hours for a church thing.

I was overambitious and I cut out sixteen pillowcases, so after the kids helped me, I still had a few to sew on my own. The pillowcases are going to the local children's hospital.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Pumpkin Carving

Mid October the kids all had a pumpkin carving date with Grandma Vicki!  I didn't get pics of all of them, but they were all present/accounted for/had a great time!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Idaho 2017

Matt, Lincoln, & Evan headed down to Idaho at the end of September to celebrate Grandma Darlene's birthday with her.  It was a fun trip!  Some random pictures...

Huge pinecones - always a thrill for Alaskan kids!

Some nice sunny playground weather.  Love those bright orange socks.

Ball at Grandma's place!

Buddy-buddies.  Matt says they stuck together the whole time.  <3 p="">

My airport shot - proof their Father was on the trip too!

A day in Boise with Uncle Mark, on the way to Lewiston!

Games with Grandma!

A birthday dinner at Aunt Sally & Uncle Don's place.

Idaho visits aren't complete without a visit to the favorite climbing tree.  :)

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Then & Now

Earlier this year Facebook reminded me that I loved this picture from three years back:

It was an awfully cute picture of my stair steps, so I determined that I ought to recreate the picture.  The little cherubs aren't quite as agreeable as they used to be (the good old days.... *sigh*....) but, nonetheless, they did begrudgingly dress up in my cute matching clothes and take a picture.

It only took me three months between when I bought the clothes and when I got outside to get the photo.  And it probably wouldn't have happened if I hadn't realized snow is going to arrive soon.... ! :)

Friday, September 29, 2017

Apple Picking

Yesterday the grandchildren went over to John & Lisa's to pick apples. We've done this for a few years now and the kids always enjoy it. The apple tree was really loaded down this year--hundreds of apples. After they picked the tree clean, they got to try out John & Lisa's new hot tub. They had a great time. (Evan and Lincoln are in Idaho, so they missed out on this adventure, but they are having plenty of great adventures of their own.)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Call Us Pickle & Carrot

It's the time of year when the store shelves are stocked with Halloween temporary colors!  The little guys have been bringing up "fun" hair, so I picked them up a few colors.  Lincoln says - call me pickle, and call Evan carrot!

I sent a picture to their Father, and he assumed it was permanent hair dye- his comment - cute, but right before our trip to Idaho.... ?!  I love that he assumes I would dye their hair some random bright color without even discussing it.  LOL

(And no, it was not permanent... spray on and wash out, same day!)

Zombie Camporee!

Bentley went on his first big Scouting campout this past weekend - it's a nice fall, a bit crisp but not super cold - so a good intro to colder-ish weather camping!  We had quite the time with all the required gear for packing, hopefully it will get easier/quicker with practice.  I didn't get a whole lot of words out of him but I am assuming he had a good time!  I asked him if he has any words to share, and he said:

"We won a bunch of our competitions, we did really well."
"I ate pancakes that I made in the morning." (I was wondering if he would eat anything.... LOL!)

Our zombie shirt.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Jake Plays the Blues

Jake has been playing trumpet with the Robert Arms Jazz Institute - it's a small group so it's been a great opportunity for jamming with a group and getting lots of solo opportunities too!  They've had a few different performances, and their latest was at a local restaurant/bar a few weeks ago! This summer was fun because Opa was able to join the group for the summer, they had a fun time going to practice together every week and they got to play together at the gig!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Letting Go

I have been trying to declutter my personal spaces. So today when I came across a plastic ring in my bedroom I decided to give it to Evan because he collects such rings. After giving him the ring, I suddenly remembered why I had had the ring. It was a memento--a game piece from the Pretty Pretty Princess game. 

When Kara was young (oh so long ago) she would play this game with her cousins. The goal of the game is to acquire a complete set of jewelry--ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings, and finally--to win--the crown. Kara's boy cousins found it hilarious to play the game. Bentley and Jake were similarly amused with the game when Viva pulled it out.

However those days are long gone. Viva is past her princess phase and the game was taking up too much space, space needed for new games, so I took out a ring and I threw the game away last year. (There were broken and missing pieces, so I didn't give it to good will.) It was hard to let go, but I did--except for the one pink ring.

After I realized what I have given away--a precious emblem of fond times in the past--I panicked and asked Evan if I could have the ring back. He gave it to me, but then changed his mind and wanted it back. I tried to explain to him why it was important to me--because we had had it since Kara was little. He just looked at me and said "Then you've had it too long." 

That pretty much sums up decluttering. I gave him the ring back.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Time with Thea

Everyone wants to spend time with Thea. Fortunately cats like to nap most of the day and our kitty likes to nap on the main floor where the kids are hanging out (she is VERY social), so it works out great for kitty bonding time. Meanwhile Ramses has taken to napping during the day on the spare top bunk bed in the older kids' room, so no cute photos with him.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Fall Flu

It is that time of year when children generally return to public school, swap germs en masse, and end up sick. You would think one of the advantages to homeschooling would be that you'd miss out on this annual fall traditional, but it doesn’t work that way when you have five children engaged in different activities outside the home. The children have been mixing with their age mates at Scouts, church, karate, dance, little kid parkour, etc.

Bentley went down first and he went hard with a hacking cough, Jake soon followed him with the same ailment. Lincoln went next with a high fever and impressive listlessness; Viva followed soon after with the same symptoms. Evan held out until the end of the week and then joined his siblings with symptoms from both groups. Kara, Mark, and I had milder verions. Great-grandma has held steady against the germs! Matt was out of town last week and is gone again this week, so he stands a good chance of missing out, too.

I'm hoping since we've been attacked by the flu dragon early this season that we are done until next year! (Okay, I know it doesn't work that way, but a person can dream.)


It's Tuesday now and things are not improving yet. The older boys are still not back to karate and it's been a week. Great-grandma has started to come down with it. Lincoln visited the emergency room this morning because he has croup...yet again. It's his bane when it comes to the flu. Sleep would be good for all of us!

Friday, September 08, 2017

Everyday Life: More August

Tumble Trax, Our Other Great Marble Run

Kool-aid Time
(When we have a barbecue, the kids can make Kool-aid.)

Karder spent the day with us.

And he spent another afternoon with us helping Bentley get in some service hours for scouts.

Jake on the computer again..and again I have no idea why I took this photo, but since photos of Jake are rare, I'm keeping it.

We went to the Japanese Summer Festival for the third (or fourth?) year in a row to watch the older boys do a karate demo and while there Lincoln made this excellent flower arrangement.

Andrew from church came over and the boys had a water balloon fight.

Kara bought this outdoor bench for the back deck, but it never made it there. The kids and Matt enjoyed it so much on the front porch that Kara bought another one for the back deck.

The younger boys have inherited the older boys Star Wars Jedi robes with Mickey Mouse ears, an obvious souvenir from Disney World. (They are so cute in them!)

Check out the scratches on Lincoln's arms. He is serious about bonding with Thea.