Friday, September 30, 2016

Yard Work

The children are finally getting old enough to help out around the yard. Kara has been paying them to pull weeds in the cotoneaster beds that line our driveway. (I just learned that the bushes and berries are considered poisonous to humans, but obviously the moose have no problems with them. ARG!) I gave up on the weeds in the beds after three years of never ending work. I even purchased a weed dragon propane torch to burn the weeds. Mark scorched the bushes while burning the weeds, so I put the kibosh on using it. 

Why don't the moose eat the weeds? Why do they eat the bushes? Why did the landscapers put in bushes that moose love? Some of life's mysteries. In any case, the children are willing to work for low wages to pull weeds. It's not really going to alter the landscape radically, but it's our attempt to tame mother nature.

One Saturday afternoon Mark and I recruited the children to help us fill the back of the truck up with alder branches we cut down. The alders serve no useful function other than making it hard to get around the yard and they strangle more attractive greenery. Yard work is endless. Perhaps I should be paying the moose to work for me?

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