Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Birthday Holiday

Today is Kara's birthday. To celebrate we made three cakes--enough for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (When you're a grownup you can eat cake for all three meals!) Evan helped me make the first cake, Purple Velvet. and then I made Green Velvet and Orange Velvet.

This morning Viva put up the traditional birthday decorations. We don't always do that for adult birthdays, but Lincoln asked that it be done so he would know for sure it was his mom's birthday. After that we had cake for breakfast. Then Kara declared it a holiday from school to celebrate her birthday--a reading day!

(Where is the photo of the birthday girl? When I was taking photos she was laying on the floor busy on her computer…she might technically have been reading, but I didn't think she was reading reading, ya know? So no photo.)

The kids didn't read all day long. They went outside for a while. Then the men folk came home and we had more cake (plus pasta and barley salad). I will post photos of the birthday girl and her official birthday cake (the purple one) when I get them from  Mark.

Meanwhile here's a couple of the gifts she received. Viva make her a bouquet of paper hyacinth and also gave her some small drawings and paintings. The card is from Lincoln.  (He refused to sign it.)

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