Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Early Summer Marches On

The weather continues to amaze us longtime Alaskans. The trees are leafing out--two weeks earlier than usual. The basketball hoops came out for the summer. And...unfortunately, hay fever season has hit our home hard. I've been on allergy meds since we came back from D.C., so I'm doing okay, but Viva and Bentley are not doing well at all: itchy eyes (Viva is worse than Bentley) and a hacking cough (Bentley is worse than Viva), both victims are woolly-headed during school time. Lincoln and Evan are coughing now, too. Kara finally called the doctor's office to ask when allergy meds are okay for children and she's starting them on some.

Regardless of the awful symptoms of hay fever, the kids are enjoying being outside more.

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