Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Big Boy Beds!

An era is over.  The era of cribs, toddler beds, and little people mattresses.  Lincoln has been wanting a twin size mattress for a while (it was past time, but I'm a bit slow.... !) so about two months ago I bought him a new mattress.  I ordered it from Amazon (coils and all) and it came compressed in a tight roll that popped up into a surprisingly comfy 7 inch mattress - I love Amazon!

Evan had claimed he did NOT want to move to a big boy bed, but once Lincoln's bed showed up bed envy showed up, too, and Evan changed his mind.  So then we had two mattresses.  On the floor - because I figured if I didn't take at least the first step on the project we would never start.

Now, a month later, we have beds for the mattresses!  The little guys helped put them together and are quite pleased with their half height loft beds.  Next step up will be a fort area underneath their bed.  

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