Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Dance Girl! (aka Spring 2016 Recital)

Viva's spring dance recital was a few weeks ago - she took five dance classes this semester, which meant five dances and five costumes at the recital!  Score for this Mom of four boys, I got my fill of cute frilly costumes.... :)  Grandma Julia, Grandma Karen, Grandma Vicki, myself and Matt took in the show.  We spared all her brothers.... !

Genevieve took two ballet, two jazz, and a modern dance class this semester.  I am impressed with how well she did learning all the choreography this spring, and I can see real change in how fluidly and gracefully she moves.  It was a fun evening!  Here are a few pictures from our photo shoot.  Because, of course, we had one as soon as we got home... 

Every photo shoot starts with the white balance cards, of course:

Viva's favorite costume:

 I was particularly proud of how I matched the green tissue paper in the flowers to the green hair thing her yellow costume had.  Unintended awesomeness.  :)

My favorite costume, the frilly purple ballet tutu.  Because tutus are awesome and purple is even more awesome.  Oh yeah - and the little girl, she is awesome too!

The modern dance costume:

It was a "cave people" theme - very fun dance, and Viva had her first lift in it with the token boy in their class!  :)

Jazz costume 1:

And jazz costume 2:

Viva tells me this dance (the second jazz one) was her favorite dance.  It was called Monsters and was a mash up of a song from a new Disney movie.

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