Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Ornaments: Other

As is our tradition every year the older children make at least one new stained glass (really plastic melt beads) ornaments. We helped the little guys each make one this year. We have quite a collection of these ornaments (going back more than 30 years) that we display on the window.

Our church sponsored a Christmas party for the local children in foster care. It was a pretty big undertaking. I volunteered to do an ornament table. I tried out a new ornament using thick felt cut outs (originally on a garland). I had my little worker bees try out the project and make samples for me.

The children preferred using glitter glue for decorating the ornaments and that wasn't possible for the foster care party because it takes too long to dry. For the party we had to go with sequins and glue dots. I also took supplies to make beaded candy canes and snowflakes. Viva helped me out at the ornament table and Jake helped Opa at the photo booth.  (Was Bentley there? I'm not sure.)

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