Monday, December 05, 2016

Everyday Life: November

I didn't take a lot of photos last month and I don't have any photos of Bentley or Jake for this post.

Viva with Evan and Lincoln creating baking powder and vinegar lava for their volcano.

Daily learning to read time.
(This is really a poor quality photo, but it's too late to retake it!)

Kara cuts all the boys hair.
Evan is lucky boy in this photo.

Viva and Evan sharing a moment of harmony. 

Evan and Lincoln playing a story telling game with Great-grandma.

Lincoln and Viva and Legos

Pomegranate Helmet Ramses
(We were trying to recreate a photo of another family pet who rocked a pomegranate helmet. We needed a larger pomegranate to make this work.)

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