Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dance Costume Preview

Here is quick look at Viva's dance costumes for the dance recital next month. Viva is taking six dance classes (each class only meets one hour per week). Each class works on a different dance routine for the recital so Viva will be in six routines dressed in six different costumes. Some dance costumes are quite cute, some are rather odd, and a few are just boring. This particular selection of costumes is diverse and fun. I like every one of them!

Does Viva like them? Yes and no. She acknowledges the costumes look cute, but she is one of those people who is really sensitive to seams in their clothing and prickly fabrics and unfortunately dance costumes have both. She is agreeable to wearing her dance costumes during rehearsal, during the recital, and if bribed during a photo shoot, but she will never otherwise wear them. They don't join her dress up clothes. They have a very short useful life.

Last semester Viva had six new costumes, but we never took photos of her in them. I'm quite sad about that. The winter recital was just before Christmas and our household was in the middle of a two month long spell of coughs, colds, and flues. The photos didn't get taken. (I'm still advocating to have them taken. Better late than never.)

PS The costumes are hanging on the stall bars (from when Viva was in gymnastics) and I think Kara has left the costumes there rather than put them in the closet to prevent Evan from climbing the bars. Lincoln and Evan love to climb up to the ceiling, but recently Evan fell from the top and it was scary--more so for the adults than the child.

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