Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Lincoln's Dragons

Lincoln has a fascination with Lego Ninjago dragons. Two months ago he talked Bentley into letting him build Bentley's four headed dragon. Next he requested that his dad buy him his own Ninjago dragon at the Lego store when Matt was on a business trip. And then he finally got his wish that I locate Opa's Lego Ninjago dragon set. After finding it, I then had to help build it. The first time you build a Lego set the pieces come in numbered bags to make it easier to find the pieces needed at each step of the build. But after the boys build and then take apart and store a Lego set, the pieces usually all go in one big bag, so the second build is never as easy as the first build. But we persevered and located all the pieces to build that dragon!

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