Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Tipping Point Bday.... :)

The majority of the children are now into the double digits.  Triple yikes!

We had a fun birthday day.  Geneveive was at dance camp for the first part of the day.  Matt took the day off of work and got in a fun (LONG! 17 miles?!) bike ride with Jake while she was out.  In the afternoon we were able to hang out all together, and then in the evening we had the cakes (triple layer purple checkerboard velvet!) and chocolate-chocolate-chocolate.  I think there was enough sugar for all.  We had Grandma Karen, Grandma Vicki, and Marjory all join us for pizza and cake to celebrate our favorite new 10 year olds.

Happy #10, Jake and Viva!

Off to dance camp.  With a crown.... 



It was silver, and Genevieve helped decorate it.  Silver and black are her current favorite colors.

Game time!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Cub Camp 2017

This past week Jake headed off to Boy Scout camp!  It's a long week as the mornings start at 7:30 am in order to meet/carpool out to camp - that's early for laid back homeschoolers.  But it was survived.  :)

Jake reports it was a successful and enjoyable week out at camp with his pack:  archery, BB guns, hiking, water fights, boating, kick ball, wood burning, and more.  Matt went out for one of the four days.  On Friday the cub scouts had their ending campfire.  Jake won first place in the "camp olympics" for chess puzzles (his time to solve the puzzle -16 seconds - next closet time - > 1 minute!!!).  He also won a second place for best score at archery.

He's looking forward to next year!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Music Kids (Minus the Harp Girl!)

Since the kids spend SO much time practicing music, I figured we should document the beautiful instruments that live in the house with us!  I was too tired to carry the harp downstairs to the photo shoot.... maybe next time.  :) :) 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Suzuki Institute 2017

This year Bentley, Lincoln, & Evan had the chance to try out a Suzuki Institute.  We use the Suzuki method to study cello, and this is the first year in a while that the Anchorage Suzuki chapter has had enough cello students to bring up a teacher.  We had a short day on Monday and then a "full" day of classes Tuesday - Friday.  I was afraid it was a bit much for the little guys (picture hour long classes where rapt/quiet attention is required!) but at the end of the week they both asked me when they get to go back - so I'll take it they had a great time!

It was fun to be with so many other Suzuki people and feel their passion for the method.  I think we all finished the week excited and with some new tips and tricks to help us in studying music.  :)  Bentley had a mini Super Strings group, a percussion class, and two cello classes.  Lincoln & Evan had two cello classes and a "music for littles" where they explored all types of musical instruments.

At the end of the week they all participated in a concert.  Two concerts, actually!  Grandpa Tim was in town this week so he came to the lunch time one, and Opa/Grandma Julia/Grandma Vicki made it to the evening one!  Matt had to be out of town, so he came and watched classes with me on Thursday.  The good (& bad) part of Suzuki is it is very heavy on parent involvement - so that meant that I was at camp all week too... !

Lots of cellos... !  All checked in for the week:

Individual lesson time - you study with a group of 4, and watch the lessons of the other students.

Cool instruments they got to play - my favorite was the thunder drum!

Ms. Sally was a very interactive teacher.  A clapping game!

The little guys were good troopers about caring those heavy cellos all over the building to help me out - I had their chairs and other gear to carry too!

Bentley signed up for "open mic" concert day on Wednesday to perform a piece.  Although it may look empty (!!!) that's just b/c no one sits on that side.  :)

Patient kiddos!  Very attentive.


A rare shot with Grandpa Tim!

The Super Strings group practicing.  They played Colors of the Wind, Lovers Waltz, and Baila Conmigo.  They did a lovely job!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Dance Girl!

Genevieve did six dance classes this year.  3 ballet, 2 jazz, and 1 modern.  Her spring recital was fun (as always!) to watch and I love seeing how she grows and matures as a dancer every year.  Every year she becomes more fluid and graceful, with a more defined stage presence.  She is, of course, my favorite dancer! :)  (Extreme photo overload to follow - but it's my blog... !!!!)

Viva's favorite dance was the bollywood number with the super jangly costume.  I liked them all!  We are starting to get a *bit* better with stage makeup, although mascara wings are still beyond my skill levels.  Maybe someday.... !

Friday, June 16, 2017

Girdwood Adventuring

We haven't managed to squeeze a camping trip in yet, but the kids and Matt have been having some outdoor adventures nonetheless!  Matt had a day off of work this week to hang out with the kids before he's off to the annual meeting in Barrow, so Jake, Lincoln, & Evan headed out to bike/hike with him.  Bentley is out of commission with his foot right now and Viva is at dance camp.

Waterfalls, donuts, bike trails, balls... it's always exciting (and exhausting) when Daddy starts driving.  :)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Kids: May Photo Shoot

When we had out photo lights for some dance photos we decided to get some shots of all the kids.  It's always a big undertaking.... !  Here are some of my favorites (I narrowed it down to two of each child.... !) :)

I think the feisty personalities shine through in the photos!  :)  Love these kids!