Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Junior Parkour Gymnastics

Lincoln and Evan attended a local gymnastics club, Aurora Kids, during the fall semester. They were in the 4-6 year old junior parkour gymnastics class. Parkour is a fancy word for running obstacle courses. (Running obstacle courses is a sport made popular by the reality TV show American Ninja Warrior.) 

Every Wednesday I took them to their parkour class where they ran, jump, rolled, swung, climbed, balanced and had a great time. At the end of the semester the class had a parents' night to show off the kids' skills. It was fun to see them do the different obstacle course activities. Lincoln was one of the older kids and very adept at the given activities. The teachers said he should move on to a more advanced class. Evan was one of the shorter and younger kids, so while he was good at the activities, they were more challenging for him. (The bane of younger brothers is their older brother always being ahead of them in skills they learn at the same time--but not at the same age.)

Lincoln and Evan really enjoyed the class, but when asked if they wanted to take it again in the spring semester, they said they were okay with doing something else. Lincoln wants to go back to karate and Evan said the class was too exhausting. (It wasn't too exhausting and the boys would have enjoyed a second semester of parkour, but going back to karate is also a good choice.)

Kara and I took the boys out for ice cream after their showcase.

P.S. When Bentley and Jake were the age of Lincoln and Evan they, too, took a gymnastics class at Aurora Kids. It was a boys only gymnastics class, but that class was no longer offered, instead kid parkour classes are offered. 

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Everyday Life: November


School Time

Evan wrote this equation after watching the older kids do algebra problems.
(I still haven't solved it!)

Two boys, two cars....crashing, not racing them.

Lego Robot?

Viva, Lincoln, and Evan had Thanksgiving dinner for their stuffed animals. 
I didn't have my camera the first time I saw it when all the seats were full.

Around and around L goes!

Around and around E goes!
(I hate these chairs because they let wiggly boys twirl while they wiggle.)

School Time...Bentley and Viva must be doing music practice? Or reading on the couches?
(Look closely and you can see Great-Grandma in the kitchen!)

I made flute cases for the Native America wooden flutes that Opa purchased the kids. 
Viva wanted to sew her own case.

In November Lincoln trekked down our long driveway every school morning to collect Great-Grandma's newspaper.

Bentley practicing cello.

Evan wiggling off a chair.