Sunday, November 08, 2015

Everyday Life: September

Even though Viva isn't in gymnastics any longer, her equipment is still put to good use. (Usually E & L are hanging off it themselves, but here they are doing I'm not sure what…)

Evan on the little four wheeler which is inside, downstairs.

Evan's favorite doll sitting in her stroller.

Lincoln eating lunch with headphones on because his brother Jake is practicing the trumpet.

Bentley's storage area for his origami--his Lego castle in his bedroom.

Evan building a ball with Magformers. Lincoln used to be the major user of Magformers, but Evan is using them a lot now, too.

Lincoln with a paper airplane. It's November now and he still asks Opa to make him three or more new paper airplanes every week. 

B & J with their outdoor swords. These ones are pretty sturdy, so they aren't allowed in the house. I had to repad the end of Bentley's to make it safer. What is with boys and swords? They never have enough of them.

Viva modeling Kara's sunhat that Kara bought for her cruise earlier in the month.

Lincoln's Magformer Creation 
(Sometimes he requests photos.)

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