Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Snow Update

The snow that I postulated would be gone in a day or two has instead stuck around and we got a couple more inches. The children's fort grew in size to around five feet in diameter and two feet high walls. Unfortunately the location of it wasn't well thought out and it crumbled today during a sledding run.

Viva was quite upset and Jake wasn't too happy either. I have had a number of arguments with the kidlets about where it is okay to sled in our yard and where it is not okay to sled. Our property lot is very sloping and we have a lot of trees. When it comes to sledding, trees and hills are not a good mix. I told the kidlets that even if the chances of running into a tree are only 1% (and they are considerably higher than that on our property!) that's an unacceptable risk. 

The only half way safe place to sled is out back directly up from their fort. So it was either not sled or risk taking out the fort. The first run down the hill Bentley stood guard and blocked any sleds from hitting the fort, but on the next run he himself took the fort out.

Yesterday I took the older four across the street to a great sledding hill on the high school property. When we arrived we were the only ones on the hill and only a couple more kids joined us that afternoon. It was a perfect day to sled!

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