Monday, November 09, 2015

Michigan: Wrap Up

Here is a final set of memorable photos from our trip!

The twins shared an air mattress that had a slow leak, so every morning they were huddled together. So cute!

The trio brought their iPads and Kindles with them, which made the plane ride and road trip much easier on the adults. The kids were delighted to get so much free play time on the iPad. 

We found a few good playgrounds to try out. 

A teeter totter! We don't have these in Anchorage.

We smashed a couple of pennies.

Tawas Lighthouse

We visited a diary farm in Tawas. It was very memorable…the stench was incredible.

Viva found the farm interesting. I found the farm brutal.

Pizza Night at Glen & Terri's!

Removing porcupine quills from the rental car tire. 
We think the porcupine survived…there was no blood.

Uroma & Uropa's bird feeder sees a lot of action.

We visited the Ben Franklin store in East Tawas three times. It was that fun!! 
(And Jake was that indecisive.)

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