Sunday, July 10, 2016

Family Visit

In June my family came to visit. Because great-grandma lives with us we are a magnet for family from out of state. This year my family decided to congregate in June because it was 50 years ago on June 23, 1966 that my family moved to Alaska. We started in Haines and after three years moved to Anchorage.

So my family had a family reunion of sorts. My brother James and his wife Diane came with one of their single daughters (Lorna) and one of their married daughters (Rachel with her spouse Tanner and children Milo and Gracie--they stayed with a cousin, only spending one night at our home).  Their other single daughter (Emma) is working at Cooper Landing, Alaska for the summer so she came to town twice during their three week visit.

My sister Jean flew in from Juneau for five days. The family had a number of get togethers. Some we (Altmans and Enzenbergers) joined, some we skipped. Mark and I took Evan and Lincoln to hang with the extended family at Eklutna one sunny afternoon. Kara posted photos of Evan and Lincoln playing there, but I have more photos of the whole gang (see below).


And two other random photos from their visit:

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