Wednesday, July 06, 2016

My Travelers Return!

Bentley, Jake, & Viva have been adventuring with Grandpa Tim for the past week.  They didn't take any pictures for me (alas) but it was a great time.  They road tripped from Lewiston to Boise and then from Boise to Las Vegas.

There were zoo trips, aquarium trips, lots of Mexican food (Grandpa Tim's restaurant), Circus Circus, movies, pool parties, and golfing.  I'm sure they were very sad about the lack of school work they did while gone.

They returned yesterday and we are so happy to have them home!  It is MUCH quieter with two children instead of five in the home, but regardless of that they are some of my favorite people.  And I think their little brothers missed them quite a bit too.... :)

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