Friday, July 29, 2016

The Newest Member of Our Musical Family

We have added a harp to our family, and it is a beautiful addition!

It all started back in the spring when we went to Bentley's first cello recital.  One of the girls there played a duet with her twin - one plays cello, one plays harp.  It was quite delightful.  And Viva leaned over and told me "that was so pretty, what is it?"

And I was captivated too.  So I tracked down the teacher of the girl who we heard play, as the girl played well so obviously has a good teacher.  And then I learned all about types of harps (pedal harps, lever harps, lap harps, concert harps, celtic harps, troubadour harps, harps with different #s of strings.... !)

It's all quite fascinating, actually.  And now we own a harp and Viva has started lessons!

A celtic harp - big, but not huge:

(A concert harp - they are big!)

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