Friday, May 12, 2017

He #4 Bikes!

The youngest child has mastered biking without training wheels.  It took him a few weeks and some help from Grandma and Daddy, but he's now an expert!  He seemed a bit discouraged about biking in general along the way, but we kept telling him he would get there and luckily it all clicked together in relatively short order!

He likes biking in tight little loops, which I tend to think of as a more advanced skill.  Unfortunately sometimes that means you're concentrating so hard you don't look where you're going....

Helmets.  They're a good thing!  Bike gloves too - he's working on braking/stopping without falling over, so the bike gloves are keeping his hands from getting scraped up.  Good thing we had some older siblings to steal those from.  Although now we have to get new bigger ones for the older guys - they just keep growing!

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