Monday, May 15, 2017

The Twins' Art Gallery

Last summer Jake and Viva attended a painting summer camp; Bentley did not want to attend. The twins had a great time and produced some great works. Since it was months and months ago I can't recall how many hours a day they attended, but it must have been quite a few because they created more than a dozen paintings each. A few of them were gifted away, but we kept a lot to put on our wall. It took Kara and I until now (mid-May), to get the paintings hung--it wasn't easy deciding on groupings and where to put the hangers on the wall. I am celebrating that the job is finally accomplished! (And that this long overdue post is posted!)

Here is better view of the paintings. Not all the paintings were put up. Some smaller ones are still on a shelf.

Here are two other paintings that I quietly confiscated for my room. (They aren't hung up yet!)

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