Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Matt and Bentley's Southern Roadtrip!

Matt and Bentley headed out on adventure together a couple of weeks ago.  Bentley has long *yearned* to go check out the park in Arkansas where you can hunt for (and keep) diamonds!  It took us a while to get a trip arranged (mostly it took me a while), but finally - it happened!  They flew into Texas and did a lot of driving (1,474 miles according to the rental car!)

Highlights of the trip?  Lots of gorgeous crystals, beautiful weather, golfing, boating, cool museums, swimming, hiking, ball games, the zoo... good times.  Scary parts of the trip?  Apparently the huge and weird bugs of the Southern wild were not a hit.

Here are some photos from their 10 day adventure!  It included 2 days at the diamond mine in Arkansas, 3 days in Texarkana, a stop in Little Rock, and a few days in Branson Missouri.  3 states, 10 days, and lots of fun!

Off they go with lots of gear!

A ball game and a fun museum (or two) in Dallas:

The Dallas Zoo!

Crossing into Arkansas, and a stop at the Diamond park!

Little Rock and some hiking.

Another cool museum (William Clinton) in Little Rock, then on to Missouri!

The "lodge" they stayed at in Missouri!

The next day started with golf, then off to see the Ozarks, rock caves, and lots of gorgeous scenery.

Boating, more caves

Another day, more driving!  Bentley took breaks to practice karate.  They checked into a "cabin", close to the Diamond park.

The last two days?  Cooking outside, diamond hunting, exploring a quartz field, and (of course) more driving!  Then back to the airport!

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