Sunday, March 15, 2015


The past few months whenever we ask Evan or Lincoln to pose for a photo they insist on saying "Cheeeeeeese" and producing a truly cheesy grin--a grimace in my opinion. I have to give them five stars for trying, but I wish they wouldn't try so hard.

The reason I took this photo is to show off the toddler shirt I recently purchased at a thrift store. I wasn't shopping for kid clothes, I was buying shirts for their cuffs. Turns out the cuffs on this shirt were too small and a little worn. So I gave the shirt to Lincoln. It was too large, so I rolled the cuffs up once. I commented to him that it would fit him when he was bigger. His response was "When I'm a daddy?" I told him no, it would not fit him when he was daddy's size. He would be daddy's size when he was grown up. He then told me that no, when he was a daddy, daddy would be a grandpa. This is true, did we get from toddler clothes to grandpas? This conversation made sense to Lincoln, but not to me.

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