Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday--Lazy? Busy?

Was today a lazy Saturday? Depends on who you ask. I was assigned to stay home with Lincoln and Evan while Matt and Kara went to Viva's gymnastics meet with her. Opa took Jake and Bentley to karate and then worked for three hours before picking them up and bringing them home. For some of us, it was a lazy day, for others not so much. 

What did Lincoln, Evan and I do while the others were away? I aided Lincoln in finishing the new Lego set his dad brought him home from DC when he returned yesterday. Matt and Lincoln started building it before Matt left for gymnastics. Evan played drums for us...very loudly. I collected the newspaper from down the driveway, but Lincoln refused to go with me. He was concerned about moose. !! Lincoln, Evan and I played a slow motion version of Blink. They are still learning how to play so they aren't fast. We went upstairs and we built a train layout to play on. We were kind of lazy!

Jake and Bentley returned from karate and immediately started building their Lego sets from their father. I fed the kids lunch. The younger boys went down for their nap and I am free (once I've written a few blog posts) to go and quilt! 

Trains in the background,
Lego car sets in the foreground,
boys everywhere!

Opa took ten shots and this was the best. *sigh*
I told him no more!

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