Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

We are not Irish, but we like to celebrate St Patrick's Day at least a little. Grandma Vicki helped us out greatly this year by supplying some hand-made leprechaun masks. Lincoln and Evan made them while visiting her last Friday. I took a photo of Lincoln modeling his, but I have to track it down. I will post it later.

For now here's Lincoln and Evan enjoying the St Patrick's Day stickers that Grandma Vicki sent home with them. Evan's sticker sheet has more shamrocks on it. I love the way he lined them up (see first photo), but it turned out he didn't know you had to removed the paper from the back of the sticker so he had to start over.  I removed the paper from the shamrocks and he stuck them on the paper--randomly the second time.

Isn't green the loveliest color?

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