Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Evan at Three

Evan is...

Always determined to keep up (or get ahead) of his older siblings.  Being the youngest is not going to slow him down!

Charming and impish.

Sweet and cuddly - when he wants to be.  He gives the best hugs and kisses.

Always thrilled to watch Looney Tunes with Daddy.

Conscientious.  I love how he says thank you all the time, and follows me around turning off lights when I forget.  :)

Bright and curious.  A whiz with letters and numbers, and always learning!

Super sweet in the morning.  Even when he's tired he wakes up with a stretch, a smile, and a bright "good morning!"  I love his sweet morning nature, maybe he will convert me?! :)

Not afraid of a fight.  He never backs down.

Not a baby, but sometimes "still small".  Baby is a four letter word, but when he wants something from me (like a ride down the stairs) and I say "no!" he says "but Mommy, I'm still so small.... !"  He wins, of course.

Good at sharing.  He is a bit of a food pusher, in fact.  :)

Not a big fan of chocolate.  He eats around the chocolate chips in the cookies.  Weirdo!

A bit obsessed with Captain Crunch and Wheat Chex!

Always up for a good chase game through the house.

A fan of Thomas and Batman.

A tease.  He likes to make his big brother Lincoln cry and knows just how to do it!

Full of intricate and detailed scribble crayon art.  He's going through the stage where he likes to write letters (they even somewhat resemble letters!!)

A good sleeper - he doesn't nap, but he parties hard during the day and is normally asleep shortly after his head hits the pillow.

A fan of big sister's baby doll.  He calls her little sister and drags her around the house and insists on help changing her between her sleeper and day clothes on a regular basis.

Enthusiastic and always the first to volunteer for an adventure, even before he knows what it might be.  He loves to be involved and doesn't want to be left behind.

Full of cute expressions.  "I think so...."  "What?!"  "Maybe (whenever he is asked if he wants something)....", "Maybe... not", "No way!!!"

We love our little guy! 

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