Thursday, October 08, 2015

The Cello Guy

I was thinking that we weren't busy enough this fall, so the boys have taken up music lessons!  We have done different home based piano programs during the last year or two and I told the kids that once they could read both hands on the piano and play reasonably well they could pick any instrument to learn.  The deal is they practice their chosen instrument daily and in return they get lessons.

(As a side note, I've read some interesting threads on Facebook lately about philosophies on kids and music lessons - I don't really understand making music a requirement for other "fun" activities, which puts it in the role of punishment - I think it should be a privilege.  Of course I want them to learn music, but I also want them to want to do it!)

Bentley picked the cello!  So then we set off to all the stores in town to play all the 1/4 size cellos and figure out which one was the best mix of sound and price.  Turns out cheap cellos sound cheap.... who knew, right?!

So now we have a nice cello and an excellent cello teacher.  Bentley thinks the progress is a *bit* on the slow side as his teacher is a stickler for correct posture and bow hold, but it's all good - we'll get to the "fun" music soon enough!  I look forward to watching him learn. 

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