Thursday, October 01, 2015

Happy #3, Evan!

I wanted to title this "Happy Birthday, Baby!" but Evan tells us, emphatically, that he is not a baby.  Baby is his idea of the worst insult in the world and he pulls it out for use on his siblings (and adults) when we make him REALLY upset - you BIG BABY, he'll yell!

Evan is three!  He has been excited about his birthday and knew it was coming up.  It took a little bit of work for us to convince him it's okay to *just* be 3 though - he would much prefer to be turning 4 or 5 or even 9, as he told one lady at the store!

Grandma suggested the bouncy house for our celebration of choice, and it was a big hit with Evan (and all his siblings, of course... !).  We went for three hours and Evan has already told me that when he turns 4 he wants to go back to the jump place for his birthday.

In the evening we had pizza and cake with Grandma Vicki and our friend Marjory, and finished the day with a new Looney Tunes DVD Evan received for his birthday.  We love you, little guy!

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