Friday, October 09, 2015

The Trumpet Guy

Strangely enough I have no pictures of Jake playing his trumpet - but here is one of him with his trumpet... not that you can see the trumpet!

Jake had a hard time picking an instrument, but eventually settled on the trumpet.  He really loves the look of the trombone but his arms just aren't long enough yet!  He started out wanting a violin, and I was willing to sacrifice my inner peace and listen to a beginning violinist - but when we went to the store and he saw the size (and sound) of a quarter size violin.... the love affair ended.  Before it even started!

Apparently 8 is a bit on the young side for the trumpet, but Jake has a lot of hot air (hahaha!) and apparently has a good trumpet mouth.  I found a teacher who told me we could try a couple lessons and we'd see if it was a good fit - I guess we passed our *test* as he'd said we can come back.  :)

The trumpet is fascinating - all instruments are I suppose - I had no idea you have to have such a great ear, as you make many different notes while pushing down the same keys - you just have to train yourself to play the note you want to!  So far Jake has a mid C-D-E-F-G-A range.  Opa has been helping him and they took the trumpet to Michigan, so we'll see what he comes back with!  Jake tells me that he wants to play the high C - I told him he might have to work up to that!!

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