Thursday, June 09, 2016

3 Barons Renaissance Fair

Last Saturday was the first weekend of June which meant that it was the opening weekend of the 3 Barons Renaissance Fair. It is our tradition to take the children to the fair. Matt was out of town so I recruited Opa to go with us. It was an overcast day which is the best kind of day for fair attendance (in my opinion) because the crowds are thinner and the dust isn't as bad!

We did as many of the kids' favorite activities as we could fit in. We started our adventure with The Tomato Show put on by the Shakespearean Acting Troupe. The play this year was "Star Wars" -- with lots of Shakespeare quotes thrown in. The parts of it I could hear were pretty hilarious; unfortunately plays that include tomato throwing have noisy audiences. Bentley said just watching the show was good enough for him.

Viva wanted to collect the stamps from the three different Barons and that took some time. Even though the fair wasn't crowded, the line to collect stamps was slow. Sometimes Lincoln went with Viva and sometimes Evan did. Jake and Bentley wanted to check out the three booths selling swords. Bentley purchased a wooden shield, Jake a wooden sword. Lincoln and Evan also got shields. Viva chose earrings.  We checked out the booth sponsored by one of our favorite rock stores, but the boys didn't find anything that interested them--they are rock snobs now!

We briefly stopped by the Historic Recrudescence Guild's recreation of a medieval village. We took in the magic show--a favorite from last year. We watched the Game of Steel which was this year's version of the live action chess game between two of the barons. The kids ran the maze. We ate pretzels, fries, funnel cake, corn fritters, and popcorn. It's hard to find time to eat between the shows! We were there for five hours but we did not get to see everything. We had a great time.



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