Sunday, June 12, 2016

Team Pink Visits

Last week I had a somewhat impromptu girls party for the fun of it.  A few months back I'd purchased a new movie that I thought Viva might enjoy, and I decided it would be fun to invite the girls from church over to do a craft and watch it with us.  

We had a great turn out and a good time!  I did not, perhaps, fully understand the level of difficulty I should pick for a craft project when the kid to adult ratio is 10:1 - alas.  Next time I will know.  Always room for improvement!

The boys didn't understand why I wanted to have a girls' afternoon.  I told them we have plenty of boys in the house but not enough girls.  They still didn't get it so I had to give up on explaining and instead inform them they were not invited... while the girls were outside they were inside, while the girls were upstairs they were downstairs, and while the girls were watching a movie they were not.  You get the idea.  :)

We had fun and hope to get a few more get togethers in to take advantage of the summer time and everybody's more flexible schedules!

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