Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hammock (Wars?!)

About six months back I received a hammock (to review, for free!)  The weather wasn't really appropriate for it so the kids didn't pay much attention to it.  Last week I remembered it (a miracle!) and found it (a second miracle!) and trekked outside with my small people to get it set up.  

Instant hit.  I was busy patting myself on the back and feeling like I'd scored Mom points when the fighting broke out.... !  Apparently one hammock is not enough.  Which I suppose should have been obvious to me.... :) Luckily we have a number of great locations to hang hammocks.  I didn't realize this before scoping it out last week, but we actually have a nice set up.  Those ugly scraggly spruce are useful!

Grandma Julia's comments and photo:

The hammock is Viva's new favorite reading spot. Opa told Kara and I the other day we shouldn't let her read there at 9PM because that's the moose' and bears' favorite time of day to visit and the hammock is in their path from the back yard to the front yard. Huh…we are going to have ponder on that.

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