Sunday, June 26, 2016

Happy Birthday, Twins!

It's been a crazy week!  Viva's 3 week dance intensive finished with a performance downtown Friday night, and Boy Scout camp wrapped up with a camp fire evening on Friday evening.  Then at 1 am on Saturday morning Matt, Bentley, Jake & Viva hopped on a plane for Idaho.   Matt's family was having a reunion day at the park Saturday afternoon and so we figured it would be fun for the kids to catch part of that before heading off on a road trip from Idaho to Las Vegas with Grandpa Tim.  Crazy times.  :)

They made it to part of the event and have been keeping up the non stop fun.  Meeting new cousins, swimming at the hotel pool, golfing at 7 am (yikes!), learning to clean trout, climbing trees.... !  Jake tells me there will be s'mores tonight.  Awesome!

Most importantly they've had a chance to spend some time with their Great-Grandma Darlene.  We will celebrate their birthday more when they get home.  Happy birthday to my favorite twins!  Can't believe they're "half" grown.  :)

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