Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fun in the Sun

Today was a beautiful day, so in the afternoon I convinced Kara we should take the kids and hit a couple of great park playgrounds that we didn't make it to this summer. Most of the kids were on board for this plan, but not Jake. We made him go anyway. He had an okay time. When we came home it was still beautiful outside so we hauled out the water balloons and water guns. For the first time this summer, Evan was okay with getting wet. He usually throws a fit if he's targeted. Viva, however, is usually the first one wet and she decided she did not want to get wet. It's hard finding a group activity that everyone wants to do. So we pick one that most of them like and the grumpy ones just have to suffer through it...or change their attitude. Lincoln came in after a short time because he was cold. He changed clothes and played with his new Bat Guy Lego minifigure (he talked me into transferring full ownership to him this morning) and then he went back outside and got wet a second time. Jake and Bentley spent an hour getting each other wet. All in all a very good afternoon outdoors!

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