Thursday, August 04, 2016

Game Time with Big Bro

It's the good life!

Bentley is a great older brother. (All of my sons are great older brothers, actually - but Bentley, in particular, is very patient.)

Today Bentley was hanging with Evan while the other three kids went to the dentist with me.  Evan has been a bit cranky lately (okay - more than a bit) and I'm blaming it on his cold.  If I don't blame it on his cold I'll have to concede he's a bit spoiled and I'm not ready to do that... :)

Anyway.  Opa came home at lunch and snapped this picture to send to me.  He tells me Bentley kept his little brother happily occupied and playing games for over an hour.  It's good to have an older brother like that.  And it's great to have a home where my children who are 6+ years apart in age enjoy spending time together AND have the time do do it.  Like I said - it's the good life.  :)

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