Sunday, August 14, 2016

Everyday Life: July

Kara and I have lost the battle with chaos. We cannot keep all our balls in the air. The past few months the blogging ball is regularly dropped. We are sorry for that, but on the plus side, we are keeping pace (somewhat) with the children!

Here are some activities they did in July:

Evan doing a ball maze. He's pretty good at it!

Summer Time = Playground Time

Checking out the lifeguard chair at Bentley's music camp.

Jake and Viva (never Bentley) visit JoAnn's with me.

Another day, another playground.

Ukulele Time

Trombone Time
(Jake got a plastic trombone for his birthday in June.)

Viva drying mint leaves to make tea.

Strawberry picking at the Bulkow's while they were out of town.

Group Photo at the Bulkow's

One more harp photo--the harp resides in the living room, so it's easy to get harp photos!

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