Monday, July 10, 2017

Girl Scout Camp!

Genevieve went to her first overnight camp this past week.  She is now a third-generation camp Togowoods attendee!  I did many (okay, maybe a SLIGHT exaggeration, but more than a few!) overnight camps as a kid and I wasn't always a happy camper - I would get homesick and didn't love all the camp activities, but was always convinced I wanted to go by my childhood bestie.  Genevieve headed off to camp on her own and I was a bit worried - but she was not.

She had a fantastic time, and tells me she didn't miss us... at all.  Sheesh!  She wants to go back for longer, and to farther away places.  I guess I will settle for feeling happy that she is a secure and well adjusted independent child?!  :)  I'm delighted she enjoyed Camp Togowoods.  She came home singing camp songs and has been busy teaching them to her little brothers.... :)

Weird trivia?  They had a burn ban at the camp (which I think is odd as it has been pouring rain lately.)  They made s'mores with marshmallow puff creme instead.... !  Genevieve's platform tent had space for six campers, but the three girls who didn't show up were all in her tent so it was just her and one other girl in that tent.  There were six total in her group and two counselors - so they had a nice counselor to kid ratio!

Other weird trivia?  Rise time was 7:30 and we were told she was always the first one up, and the most cheerful.  She's been holding out on me for years, I didn't know she was capable of early mornings!

The packing list they provided for a three night four day camp was quite incredible:

Here she is with ONE of her bags (she had two big ones by the time we got everything packed up!!!):

Dropped off by Dad (It's nice on such occasions to have a spouse that doesn't mind a good drive.... !):

She's getting so big!  

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