Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Swim Lessons!

This summer Lincoln & Evan are learning to swim.  We signed them up for two back to back sessions June/July with our favorite local swim group.  It meets very close to our home, which is awesome!  Now that I'm on my last children I'm becoming wise - I have invested in "warm belly" suits, which are made out of the neoprene that divers use to stay warm.  The little guys are able to concentrate on learning to swim because their teeth aren't chattering from the cold.  Brilliant!

Lincoln doesn't love that the suits make you a tad buoyant (irksome when you're trying to stay underwater!) so he decided to wear his regular swim suit one day to class.  He didn't believe me that the new one was all that different.  He quickly changed his mind.... :)  Lincoln did awesome.  By the end of the first 8 sessions he mastered front and back floating and has a great wall glide.

Evan?  He's making progress, but a bit slower.  In his words.... "why did you sign me up for this?  I didn't ask you to!!!"  Anyway.  Cute kid.  Love them both!

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