Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lincoln's 6th Birthday: Year of the Penguin!

Lincoln is my funny guy.  He tends to ask for "complex" cakes.... I think it goes back to his first birthday.  :)  I was in the hospital and my good friend Carmin, a cake decorator, made him this masterpiece:

(awhhhhhh - SO CUTE!!!!).

Anyway.  Lincoln & I have a history of fun cakes.  Grandma Julia normally gets roped in too.  So this year I tried (as usual) to sway him towards a bundt cake, a costco cake, a simple but lovely tie dye cake.... no dice.  He informed me he wanted a penguin cake.  For the record, I have never heard him discuss penguins before.  I guess it's because last year we had an eagle cake?!  :)

This year was FANTASTIC!  I found a few cute ideas on Pinterest and then enlisted Genevieve who has an enthusiasm (and far greater talent than I) for this type of stuff.  She did fabulous!  

She's hired!  (And no, this isn't forced child labor - as I type she is engrossed in the Hello Cupcake book, looking for something new to make.... !)

We had our usual pizza, and Lincoln opted for Star Wars 6 as his evening movie of choice.  We will be going to H2Oasis as a family in the next couple weeks as his official "bday choice" activity.  On Sunday he picked dinner, and apparently he is all about breakfast - eggs, pancakes, muffins, and bacon!  :)

Happy big 6, big guy!  We love you!

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