Monday, July 17, 2017

Lloyd One Returns

Months and months ago, maybe even as far back as last summer, Lloyd the Green Ninja (a Lego figure) was lost. Lincoln looked and looked for him. He recruited his mom and me to help him look. We could not find Lloyd. Time passed and Lloyd did not show up. Lincoln was very sad. Finally Kara went on eBay and purchased a second Lloyd. Lincoln was happy to have a new Lloyd, but he did not forget about his first Lloyd. We still heard about the missing Lloyd and occasionally he would launch a search for him. Time passed. More time passed. 

Then one day recently Lloyd was found hanging out with Viva's Legos. No one had thought to check in Viva's Lego bins for Lloyd.

Lincoln was very happy to find Lloyd. We are happy, too. Lloyd is now a closed chapter in the book of Lincoln's Lamentations.

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