Friday, August 11, 2017

Lego Robotics Camp

During the month of July Bentley, Jake and Viva went to a week long Lego Robotics camp on UAA campus. Bentley was in a different session than the twins, so that meant twice the driving, but that's the way it goes sometimes. (You have to lottery into the classes and we consider our family very fortunate to have gotten three kids into this coveted camp.) 

Bentley went last year, so he knew what he was getting into. He enjoyed it again this year. Jake enjoyed his first Lego Robotics camp experience. He and Viva were on the same team by choice. Viva was the surprise for me. I was surprised she wanted to attend and I was surprised how much she liked the camp--after all they were in camp for five days from eight to three working with Legos. 

Last year after the robotics camp Opa and I purchased the older kids a Lego robotic kit of their own. Bentley built a very fine robot, but he wasn't too thrilled when Jake wanted to rebuild it. Opa and I purchased two more robotic kits so they could each build their own robots...and start a fight club. Sumo wrestling is a time honored tradition with Lego robots. 

Jake built himself a robot and Viva started a robot and then the kids became involved in other activities and the Lego robotics kits took up residence in my bedroom. I'm happy to report that after summer camp last month, Bentley and Jake took their kits out and have started working on new robots. I think Viva added two pieces to last year's unfinished robot. Jake won't agree to a sumo competition against Bentley, so our fight club has yet to form.

Before the boys tore apart their robots from last year, they asked us to take photos of them, so here are last year's robots (Bentley's, then Jake's): 

Some photos from robotics camp this year!  

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