Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Science Kit!

"Fun" science is not something I excel at.  I don't really love messes, and although we've done science kits in the past I've been disappointed by how lame most of them are.... hunting down all the supplies to do cool experiments on our own, however, just doesn't happen often enough.  Which is a shame as the kids (Genevieve in particular!) love the "cool" experiments!

So I succumbed to repeated Facebook marketing and decided to give MEL Chemistry kits a try.  Our first set of experiments arrived, and we actually used one of them today (within a couple weeks of its arrival - a true accomplishment for us!!!)  Today we made tin hedgehogs out of zinc pellets, and tomorrow we'll learn more about zinc.  Yay for getting back to experiments, and two thumbs up (so far) for easy to use science kits.  :)

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