Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The Fire Pit

Kara has been looking into fire pits for years. Over a year ago she purchased one, but then couldn't decide where to safely use it. It was a traditional fire pit that you burn wood in. It didn't seem like a good idea to use it on our attached second story deck. Nor was it a good plan to set it in the backyard amongst all the dry spruce needles and dead trees without first building a fire proof pad. The new fire pit stayed boxed up.

This summer Kara found a safer alternative, a fire pit that uses lava rocks or fire glass. Lava rocks are hotter (so better for heating and cooking), but they sometimes explode (not good!), so Kara went with fire glass option. After buying a new fire pit, new (more comfortable) deck furniture was needed. Jake and then Viva helped Kara build the chairs.

The grandkids and Matt love the new fire pit. I like that this fire pit is being used for its intended purpose and not just taking up space in the shed like its predecessor.

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