Sunday, August 13, 2017

Our Newest Lego Meister

Lincoln is without dispute the most Lego obsessed child in the family currently and maybe of all time. When Jake was younger he was pretty obsessed with Legos, but Lincoln is, I think, even more so than younger Jake.

For his birthday last month Lincoln was lobbying for Legos from everyone. His mom nixed that plan, but he still got a few Lego sets one of which was on his Christmas wish list, so that made him very happy. He just finished building one of his birthday gift sets and he insisted on doing it all himself. He did a great job; I only helped fix a couple parts put on the wrong side. (Also, I have a bag of unused pieces which I'm pretty sure belong in the build, but you can't tell from looking at the set that anything's missing so no biggie.) This set had 1093 pieces in it and he built most of it in the last two days!

Opa and I gave him some Mixel sets because the month before his birthday Mixels were Evan and his favorite Legos. There are two bins of them in the house and they co-opted both bins. They played with them and looked online for directions to rebuild the smaller sets into larger Mixels. Evan built a Mixel set on his own!

For months Lincoln had been creating his own small Lego designs. He would build them upstairs in the Lego room and then bring them downstairs and put them on the fireplace ledge. I finally told him they needed to go back upstairs--there are multitudinous Legos in the upstairs family room and a lot of Legos in  L & E's bedroom. We don't need yet another room overtaken by Legos! Stop the spread! Here are a few of his creations:

He inspired Evan to start building his own creations, too:

Two weeks ago Lincoln designed a small dragon. He made a green one for the green ninja, then a red one for the red ninja, a blue one for the blue ninja, and so forth. At last count I think he had built nine different dragons. We are starting to run out of parts to build more!

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