Monday, May 11, 2015

Owl Pellets

Today for science the children dissected an owl pellet. Two (sterilized) owl pellets came with the science kit. What does a pellet contain? Lots of wonderful science treasures--animal skulls, bones, fur, and feathers that you first dig out of the pellet and then you try to identify what animal they came from using a special bone chart! What could be more fun?

Bentley wanted no part of this science experience. He didn't want to even be in the same room as something as disgusting as an owl pellet. He kept referring to it as owl poop, which it is not. Owls cough up pellets! (Kara also opted out on this experience. She asked me to be in charge.)

Viva was excited about dissecting an owl pellet. Jake was willing to probe the pellet with the two wooden sticks provided in the kit. He and Viva quickly discovered a rodent skull. Jake did not choose to pick the pellet pieces up in his (gloved!) hand. Viva was the intrepid biologist who picked up the owl pellet and squished it until the bones fell out.

She wanted to dissect the second pellet, too, but Kara wants to save if for Lincoln and Evan. Turns out you can buy owl pellets at 5 pellets for $12! Kara said she'd buy Viva more for her birthday.

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