Friday, May 08, 2015

Wonderful Alaska

We who live in the Land of The Midnight Sun do so because the summers are phenomenal. The weather isn't too hot to enjoy outdoors activities and we have endless hours of sunlight in which to enjoy our hobbies outdoors or indoors. It is that time of year again and we are starting to wind up! Children (and adults) resist bedtime because it's not dark out.

We had a lousy winter. We did not get enough snow! However, no snow means an earlier spring and more summer! Jake begged us to get the basketball hoops set up and Opa and I finally did so last weekend. Bentley got a new bike and Jake and Viva inherited his old one and they got a new bike to share. We've recommenced visiting our favorite playgrounds. Matt has taken the younger boys out a few times. Kara and I have been out with the children. Mark and I have taken the kids out.

Summer is here! Alaskans don't really count spring as a season. Spring is break-up time and we are done with break up. The trees are leafing out pretty much on schedule. I thought they would be early this year, but Mother Nature is smart and she held off. Butterflies are out! Our neighborhood squirrel is busy. A mama bear and her cub came by the other afternoon. (We'd prefer no more visits from them!) A young moose was trimming bushes in the back yard earlier this week. My perennials are doing fantastic. I was worried that they didn't have enough snow cover, but they all came back! Life here is good. Our summer goal is to slow down and enjoy the bounty of sun and beauty!

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